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Our Private Courses

Upon becoming a part of our community, you receive a membership that lasts a lifetime.

There's no other community quite like Alix & the Pack.

When Alix moved to Copenhagen, she noticed a lack of quality dog training services that focused on the owner as much as the dog. Bolstered by this awareness, she began offering her training services with a purpose in mind: to create a thriving community of dog owners united by their passion for responsible pet ownership. This vision led her to establish a robust support system where the emphasis is not only on training dogs but also on empowering owners.

Our online platform has proven instrumental in achieving this goal, serving as an invaluable platform for fostering connections among like-minded individuals. Through this platform, we organise human-only events, coordinate weekend walks that promote neutrality and socialisation, facilitate the exchange of dog-related items, and create a space to share both training triumphs and challenges. It's a virtual hub that keeps us all interconnected, enriching our collective journey towards building stronger, more fulfilling relationships with our dogs.


By obtaining a lifetime membership with Alix & the Pack, you unlock access to our online platform and become an integral part of a community. Here, you have the opportunity to seek assistance and provide support. We have dedicated topic-specific forums where trainers address your questions and fellow dog parents provide words of encouragement and support.

Puppy Course Itinerary

1st session

2nd session

3rd session

4th session

5th session

During the initial week, our focus will be on establishing a daily routine, effective crate training, managing interactions with guests, learning theory in dogs, a comprehensive overview of good manners and guiding you on the appropriate ways to interact with your new puppy.


Moreover, we'll shed light on the significance of socialisation, which might differ from your preconceived notions. It's not solely about exposing your puppy to various situations; it encompasses the art of acclimating them to the world in a way that cultivates confidence and adaptability. Our aim is to reshape your perspective on socialisation and provide you with the tools to ensure your puppy thrives in diverse environments.

Starting from the second session onward, the content we cover is tailored to your dog's age. We acknowledge that some individuals inquire about the puppy course when their dog has already passed the critical period of 8-16 weeks. However, if your puppy is still within this critical developmental phase, our focus remains on it. During this phase, we venture outdoors to guide you in a constructive approach to familiarising your dog with the environment.


Additionally, we begin observing and discussing your own dog's body language and behaviour, enabling you to not only interpret your dog's signals with ease but also to respond appropriately. For instance, we highlight that playful zoomies, often misinterpreted as happiness, are frequently indicative of displacement behaviour. Similarly, a yawn, often assumed as a sign of tiredness, is typically a form of displacement behaviour. When your puppy enthusiastically jumps around in the presence of a stranger, it's not necessarily a sign of them loving the encounter; instead, it often signifies appeasement behaviour. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and skills to understand and respond to your dog's behaviours accurately.

In the third session, our focus will shift towards introducing fundamental commands, including but not limited to recall, leave it, drop it and leash pressure techniques.

The content of the final two sessions will be tailored to your puppy's progress and your specific training objectives. Typically, this stage involves the vital process of extending the application of the commands to real-world scenarios, following the four phases of learning.

In the fifth and concluding session, our primary goal is to consolidate all the principles and skills covered throughout the course. We aim to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to independently advance your dog's training beyond our sessions. We highly recommend scheduling regular follow-up sessions on a monthly basis to maintain training consistency and address any evolving needs.

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