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Overnight Boarding

In our home or your pet's own familiar space, we prioritise your dog's comfort above all else during their boarding experience. We understand the importance of maintaining a sense of home, so we go beyond standard care to create a welcoming and secure environment. From their favourite spot on the couch to bedtime routines, we adapt to your dog's individual needs, ensuring they feel at ease and cherished. Our commitment is not just about providing a service but about offering a home away from home where your furry companion can relax, play and thrive in a setting tailored to their comfort and well-being.


When your dog stays with us in our home or their familiar surroundings, we understand the importance of consistency in maintaining the training routines you've diligently implemented. We make it a priority to seamlessly integrate your dog's established commands and behaviours into their daily experience with us. Whether it's reinforcing basic commands, reinforcing leash manners, or following any specific dietary or medical requirements, we ensure that the structure and routines your dog is accustomed to remain intact. This dedication to continuity not only provides a sense of familiarity and security for your dog but also strengthens the bond between them and our caregiving team. It's all part of our commitment to offering a home away from home that aligns with your dog's accustomed lifestyle.

Our 'Boarding service' takes place at one of our staff member's residences. It's crucial for dogs in the boarding service to be crate trained.

Please be aware that this service may not be suitable for dogs experiencing separation anxiety, as our staff members may be away for a maximum of 4-5 hours per day. Dogs under our care receive a substantial walk in the early morning and after work hours, along with pee breaks throughout the day. This ensures that your dog's needs are met, providing a comfortable and tailored experience during their stay.


It's important to note that our Per-Night Sitting service, while providing excellent care for your dog, is not designed as a comprehensive board & train service focused on addressing specific behavioural issues.

Hourly Pet Sitting

Experience our exclusive hourly dog sitting service tailored to your dog's needs right in the comfort of your home. Available in our Tier 1 region, our hourly service requires a minimum booking of 2 hours, starting at 360 DKK. Beyond the initial booking, it's just 180 DKK per additional hour. For clients requesting our dog sitting service with the sitter entering the home in their absence, booking the Meet & Greet service is a prerequisite. This ensures our sitter can collect the key and personally meet the dog before providing our trusted care.

Our dedicated sitter will create a serene environment for your dog, focusing on any specific training aspects you desire. Whether it's a calming walk, quality time on the sofa or engaging with enrichment toys, we're here to cater to your dog's preferences. If cuddles are on the agenda, fantastic! If not, we're equally happy to work on crate training and place command exercises. With our hourly dog sitting service, your dog receives personalised attention, ensuring a content and enriched experience while you're away.

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