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Structured Training Walks

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Unleashing your dogs potential

The Structured Training Walk is more than just a dog training session – it's a unique blend that combines professional training with a walk. While our skilled Alix & the Pack trainer works with your dog, the session also doubles as an enjoyable and beneficial walk, in your absence. Distinguishing itself from our Regular Dog Walking service, it boasts a range of distinctive advantages. Primarily, it stands out due to its dual function as both a walk and a training session.


Our highly skilled trainers spend time proofing your dog's markers and commands, build neutral responses toward urban living and its various stimuli, and nurture other essential proficiencies.

Itinerary of our Structured Training Walks

Working on thresholds through doorways

Teaching dogs to make good decisions without prior instructions

Soft & sharp recall

Loose leash walking & a focused heel

Building on play & food drive

Working tasks: scent work, tracking, retrieval work, flirt pole work

Sit & down stays

Healthy play with other dogs once we've progressed sufficiently

Place work at cafes

Metro, bus & S-tog training

Arousal management

Flexi leash walking once we’ve progressed sufficiently

Luring skills

Free shaping skills

Cooperative care

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