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Our rehoming service

We understand that rehoming a beloved pet is a deeply sensitive and emotional journey. Our mission is to provide support and guidance to ensure that the transition is as smooth and loving as possible for both the dog and their owner.

How our service works

Client initiation & personal consultation

When a client reaches out to us, expressing their readiness to rehome their dog, we step in to offer our assistance.


Alix or Natalie will schedule a phone call with the client. During this conversation, we focus on understanding the dog's unique needs, temperament, and ideal living situation. Our goal is to ensure that the next home is the dog's forever home.

Writing a description

After the consultation, Alix or Natalie will meticulously craft a detailed description of the dog. This includes the dog's personality, history, likes, dislikes, and any special care requirements. We want to paint an accurate picture of the dog's character.


The draft description will be sent to the client for their review. We encourage them to provide any edits or additional information they believe is important to include.


After incorporating the client's feedback, Alix and Natalie will finalise the dog's description. This description serves as a heartfelt introduction of the dog to potential adopters.

Marketing & Promoting

Alix and Natalie will ask you to take charge of posting the dog's profile on various platforms, including Facebook pages and other recommended sites. We ask you to do this to ensure that the dog reaches the widest possible audience. Alix & Natalie do not personally post anything ‘rehoming’ (other than on their Instagram).


The time it takes to find the ideal adopter varies. Some dogs may find their new homes within 24 hours, while others might stay with their owners for several months. The duration depends on various factors, including the dog's age, breed and behavioural issues. We understand that waiting can be challenging, but our commitment is unwavering.


We will also offer our assistance in the selection process once you've met potential adopters and conducted informal interviews. We have the expertise to identify any concerning signs or warning signals during this phase.

Throughout this process, we want our clients to know that we stand by their side every step of the way. The decision to rehome a dog is never easy, and we are here to provide emotional support, guidance, and expertise. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the dog transitions to a loving and secure forever home, and we are dedicated to making that happen with sensitivity and compassion.


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