Dog Training & Walking

Based in Copenhagen.

Est. 2020

Alix & the Pack is more than a dog walking and training company. It is a lifestyle. We have a certain new way of looking at the world that we want to share with your dog. We want to inspire ‘pet owners’ to become ‘pack leaders’.

How do we do this? Our philosophy is to build your relationship with your dog by understanding the simple and primitive nature of canine behaviour. Resulting in an effortless partnership based on mutual trust, respect and love. We do this in the order of ‘exercise, discipline, affection’. We foster a harmonious balance of calmness and assertiveness. 


At Alix & the Pack, we take a balanced approach.

Strengthen the bond between you and your canine companion by joining our pack. You will learn to recognise what triggers specific behaviours and develop a safer, more effective strategy for overcoming them.




Puppy & Dog Training

From 500 Kr. per hour (inc. VAT)

We'll start with a phone call to talk about your dog and the story behind his/her behavioural issues — along with your goals in working together. This is the perfect opportunity to ask questions and see if we are a good fit for working together. We will then develop a unique, tailored training programme in close collaboration with you.

We address behavioural problems ranging from recall on walks, heeling on the leash and social aggression.

Group Dog Walk

60-90 minutes

210 Kr. (inc. VAT)

Our structured walks include basic obedience and recall practice. With a mix of off-leash playtime and on-leash heeling we create a balanced routine for your dog!