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Dog Training & Walking

Based in the Capital Region of Denmark.

Est. 2020


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Functional obedience, puppy development & dog training to shape calm, happy dogs.

We are made up of a small group of passionate dog lovers who strive to bridge the communication gap between dogs and people by building on structure, respect, and play. Sound like a good fit for you?


Alix & the Pack is more than a dog walking and training company. We create a common language between dogs and humans to guide our interactions and relationships with them. We want both to live happier, healthier and stronger lives together.

In our training, we focus just as much on you as we do on your dog. An owner's confidence and knowledge is one of the most important determinants of a dog's behaviour. That's why we are here to inspire, empower and educate you. Most of all, we want to build training that will last a lifetime.


Our Training Methods

Behavioural psychology tells us that operant and classical conditioning are the backbone of all training and learning - for humans and for dogs. Operant conditioning is thus a window of communication between species.


Dogs (and humans) want to maximize good experiences and minimize bad ones. They respond to cues from their environment, which will either reinforce or discourage a certain behaviour. Our methods reflect this science. Put simply, there is a fair reward for wanted behaviour and a fair correction for unwanted behaviour.

Dog training is a craft, and as such we adjust our methods to suit the unique needs of each dog. That being said, we always employ balanced training methods. Exercise, discipline, and affection are, in this order, the core principles of our training philosophy.


We apply the learnings from canine psychology to address the dog's state of mind that led to the unwanted behaviour, rather than only correcting the behaviour.

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We use all four quadrants of operant conditioning. There is a fair reward for wanted behaviour and a fair correction for unwanted behaviour.

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We use an array of training tools, including food, clickers, toys, affection, play, slip leads, energy, and movement.

While the principles of learning are universal, their specific application in a given situation isn’t.

No one tool or approach will be the most effective in all cases. We ask our clients to be adaptable to circumstance. You know, like we ask our dogs to be.

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Rewards and corrections are neutral & non-emotional, and balanced in energy and tone. Simply, information to your dog about behaviour and environment.


About Us

Hi, I'm Alix! I am the founder and owner of Alix & the Pack. All my life, I have had a natural bond with dogs - they have taught me about balance and happiness.  I have always been completely fascinated by animal behaviour and to this day, every new interaction with a dog contributes to my love and understanding of them.

When I moved to Copenhagen, I noticed a lack of quality dog training services that focused on the owner as much as the dog. Bolstered by this awareness, I began offering my training services to community dog groups on Facebook and to any puppies I spotted on the street. Through word of mouth, my client base grew and in March 2021, Alix & the Pack was officially born.

My mission is to empower dog owners with the confidence and knowledge they need to build a mutual and rewarding partnership with their canine companion. My passion not only lies in ensuring the proper behaviour of dogs but also in enhancing the lifestyle of owners along with this.

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