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Podcast Episodes That Bettered Us As Dog Trainers.

Updated: Feb 28

In the world of dog training, the journey towards becoming a skilled and compassionate trainer is marked by a continuous quest for knowledge and insights. As passionate dog trainers, we all have embarked on this journey, seeking wisdom from various sources. However, we have found that one of the most convenient and effective ways to absorb valuable information is through podcasts. In this blog post, we are thrilled to share a collection of podcast episodes that have profoundly impacted our approach to dog training. We believe that everyone, from seasoned trainers to new dog owners, deserves the opportunity to enhance their understanding of dogs and improve their training skills, all while enjoying the convenience of passive learning.

Episode 267: The downfall of the rigid system

Episode 266: Pressure motivates release educates

Episode 264: The magic of a dog at a work site

Episode 263: Intrinsic and extrinsic reinforcers in dog training

Episode 261: Bull breeds, children and best case versus Armageddon

Episode 254: Seeing the dog in a new light

Episode 250: Barking to biting and premacking behaviour

Episode 249: Ambitions and capabilities

Episode 243: Perfection is paralysis

Episode 242: Real life problems with fictional solutions

Episode 241: You really donøt understand dogs at all

Episode 240: 3 biggest mistakes new dog owners make

Episode 239: Incompatible behaviour & positive punishment

Episode 238: Lessons from the tantrum

Episode 237: Cam Ford & the scent detections avengers

Episode 235: Marketing and the low hanging fruit

Episode 234: Without the cookies I’m just a monster

Episode 233: The evils of cherry picking information

Episode 232: What do you want to do with your dog?

Episode 230: Intuition versus learned from others

Episode 229: Be a monster

Episode 227: The most dangerous advice part 2

Episode 226: The most dangerous advice part 1

Episode 225: The narrow scope between -R and -P

Episode 223: The stick pushes you to the carrot

Episode 221: Is your opinion interesting?

Episode 220: The minimum standard of a dog trainer

Episode 219: The ability to deal with pressure

Episode 218: A never ending love

Episode 217: When you’re full of shit and get caught

Episode 216: The answer to the ultimate question is 42

Episode 215: The ultimate answers to life, the universe and everything!

Episode 211: How to celebrate your dog's final day

Episode 210: Sinister and the Sil Lim Tao

Episode 209: Know thy dog

Episode 204: The feeling of being out experted

Episode 203: When the word punishment is weaponized

Episode 202: Training advice from vets

Episode 196: A trainer without a dog

Episode 195: A world without tools

Episode 188: The power of conditioned reflexes

Episode 181: Imposter syndrome

Episode 180: Change your mind

Episode 179: Should dogs be forced to work?

Episode 177: Frustration is frustrating

Episode 176: Michael Shikashio on aggression

Episode 172: Nando and Jo-Rosie

Episode 170: Influencers versus trainers

Episode 150: The dangers of obsession

Episode 142: Rules of reinforcement

Episode 141: Hard rules in training

Episode 132: Coping with being bitten

Episode 111: Urban myths Part 2

Episode 78: Urban myths in training

Episode 70: Living with a reactive dog

Episode 57: It’s me isn’t it?

Episode 55: Positive first

Episode 15: Tools used in dog training

Episode 12: Interviewing Narelle Cooke

Episode 11: Definitions used in training

S4E6 Exploring the Biology of Dog Aggression with Dr. Tim Lewis

S4E3 When Loves Means Letting Go: A Look at Behavioural Euthanasia with Trish McMillan and Sue Alexander

S4E2 From Penguins to Pups: The Science of Animal Aggression with Dr. Eddie Fernandex

10.07.2023 Dr. Robert Malenka: How Your Brain’s Reward Circuits Drive Your Choices

05.06.2023 Dr. Immordino-Yang: How Emotions & Social Factors Impact Learning

30.08.2021 Dr. Robert Sapolsky: Science of Stress, Testosterone and Free Will

#87 Trainers Jam Session with Michael Ellis, Forrest Micke and Natalie Morris

#67 “Breed all about it” with Bart Rogers and Craig Koshyk

28.07.2023 Scientific Approach to Off-Leash Control

13.07.2023 Drive Suppression v Drive Capping

23.02.2023 Building a Relationship with Communication & Emotion with Derek Beckelman

09.02.2023 Notes of Neutrality

05.01.2023 Feedback, Confidence & Corrections

29.10.2022 Observations on Control Commands: SERIES

16.06.2022 Is Your Training Too Operant?

31.03.2022 Multiple Markers: Are they Necessary?

17.03.2022 Primacy of Learning, Hunt Drive, Markers, and Advice for Young Trainers

10.03.2022 Heuristics of Reward and Punishment History

Episode 26: From allergies to pain - why your dog needs P.E.A.

Episode 25: CBD for people and pets

Episode 21: The link between diet and behaviour in dogs

Episode 13: The dangers of kibble

Episode 12: Nutrition and behaviour Lauren Turner

Episode 11: Weight loss in dogs

Episode 9: Histamine intolerance

Episode 8: Digestive enzymes

Episode 7: To fast or not to fast

Episode 6: Transparency in raw food feeding

Episode 4: Rice for dogs with diarrhoea - helpful or harmful?


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