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A Dog Trainers Holy Grails!

Updated: Feb 28

Following almost every first session I have with a client, I receive a text after asking either what food I used or what the link was to the bed I recommend the dog practices place work on. This blog post is to share with you what the best gear on the market is, why you should get it and share a discount code with you if I have one.

Air dried raw food that you can actually hand feed

Pala Pets (discount code available, see top of page for link) is the newest brand of food on the market, and dogs go absolutely crazy for it. Pala Pets has created a dog food that is as healthy as raw dog food yet convenient enough to continue hand feeding, which is something we strongly stand for. Air dried raw food is packed with nutrients, energy and is grain free. This type of diet is also good for fussy eaters and small dogs as it is nutrient-dense and will help them get the nutrition they need to thrive, even if they only eat small portions.

Practically speaking, we understand it might be out of budget for many people, which is why we advise to hand feed this type of food so you can reduce the amount of ‘high value treats’ you have to buy. Or if you have a smaller dog, this might not be an issue. We have found that clients with large dogs will hand feed Pala to their dogs throughout the day and then feed the rest of the dog raw food to ensure the price isn't too steep. I have inserted below a feeding chart for Pala Pets:

My dog is 20 kilos, but I give him half Pala, half Mush daily. So, I feed him roughly 100 grams of Pala daily. That means that a kilo bag of Pala lasts me roughly 10-12 days. And that works out perfectly because Pala Pets is a fresh food brand and so shouldn't be left open for longer than 2 weeks.

The shipping for Pala is rather expensive, so an alternative is to visit the boutique, Hunni (discount code available, see top of page for link), which is based in Christianshavn. Bear in mind that the discount code we provide will not work at Hunni, so maybe you find it more worthwhile to buy it online.

Because Pala Pets is fresh dog food, be mindful of its expiry date. If your dog is too small to not finish the kilo bag, then maybe consider getting numerous 400 gram bags and switching up the flavours.

If Pala Pets is simply not an option to feed your dog with, then I would recommend Essential Foods (discount code available, see top of page for link) kibble:

I love that you can buy three small sized bags (all different proteins) instead of a large bag that you have to stick it out with for weeks if not months.

My top tip is to also buy the 'small breed' sized kibble from Essential Foods and not the kibble for 'large breeds', as it is easier to hand feed with.

Wet food that you can stuff your activity toys with

As I said previously, you stuff your activity toys with raw food like I do with Pisco (17 kilos). I love the brand Mush because unlike other raw dog food brands, it is rather clean and doesn't make so much of a mess because they're in ball shapes. However, I wouldn't be able to do this with my other dog, Bentley (6 kilos), as he doesn't like raw. Bentley absolutely adores MÆT (discount code available, see top of page for link).

MÆT is a subscription based, fresh dog food brand. We use MÆT on our structured walks and private trainings as high value food. There hasn’t been one dog that has turned their nose to it - it’s too irresistible.

MÆT has all the right vitamins and minerals to be used as a whole meal, however, we always advise to give your dog a varied diet - a bit of raw, air dried raw food, canned etc. Therefore, we suggest you subscribe to them as only half of your dogs weight so you are able to feed your dog other things without having leftover MÆT.

If you don't want the hassle of having it delivered and just want to buy it in store, then visit Hunni to purchase. Did you also know that Hunni is on Wolt, so you can easily have Mush & MÆT delivered to your door in less than 30 minutes?

We also recommend you opt for the deli flavours and not the risotto, as we aren't a fan of feeding dogs rice. Our go to's are Beef Deli, Chicken Deli & Pork Deli. We also love their snacks!

Activity toys to stuff with frozen wet food

Activity toys for dry food

Dog chews that don't ruin your dogs teeth

Bear in mind, that each dog takes a different length of time to complete the chew. But I have tried my best to categorise the chews into taking under 20 minutes: (discount code available, see top of page for link) OR (discount code available, see top of page for link) (discount code available, see top of page for link) (discount code available, see top of page for link) (discount code available, see top of page for link) (discount code available, see top of page for link)

and over 20 minutes: (discount code available, see top of page for link) (discount code available, see top of page for link)

If you own a small breed or puppy (under 5 kilos), only consider the chews that take under 20 minutes.

Please keep away from Yak and Antler chews. They can break and/or wear away at your dogs teeth. Do not leave your dog unsupervised with a chew. @mortenvetdentist shares free tips on his Instagram profile including the dangers of feeding certain bones to dogs.

A slip collar, perfect for loose leash walking

The reason why we do not sell slip collars on our website is because we only sell them once we are confident the handler knows how to use them on their dog. However, if you would like to buy a slip collar, then here is a link:

They have multiple colour options, so just type 'Alac halsbånd m. stop' into the search bar and you will see there are other options of it.

To choose the appropriate size for your dog, measure the circumference of your dogs head. If your dog has a head circumference of 40cm, I recommend you size up, just to ensure it isn't difficult to get it through the dogs head.

A raised dog bed for practicing place work

Place work is a life skill for my dog that I seriously could not live without. It allows me to have a peaceful environment in the home and a harmonious relationship with my dog.

I love using a raised dog bed for place work (especially with dogs that struggle to hold place) as it gives the dog a clear boundary of where they cannot cross.

I got my place bed from Amazon (Germany):

Bear in mind, these place beds run very large so scroll down on the Amazon page to measure each size and see which one can fit well in your home.

Bentley the Jack-chi on his raised dog bed practicing some place work


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