Our Services

When I moved to Copenhagen, I noticed a lack of quality dog training services that focused on the owner as much as the dog. Bolstered by this awareness, I began offering my training services to community dog groups on Facebook and to any puppies I spotted on the street. Through word of mouth, my client base grew and in March 2021, Alix & the Pack was officially born.


Puppy & Dog Training

From 500 DKK

Our goal is to empower you to build the perfect relationship with your dog.


Detection Training

From 500 DKK

Do you want to introduce your dog to scent work? If so, what scent? Truffles, money & more!


Pack Portraits

From 1200 DKK

[One hour photo shoot & around 20 edited images]

Perfect to use as your lock screen or in a picture frame.


Structured Training Walks

300 DKK

We are here to help you maintain your dogs training when you can't.


Group Classes

From 150 DKK

Sign up to our classes to work on discipline, socialisation & basic obedience.


Puppy Consultation

From 1700 DKK

[Prices vary according to needs]


When choosing a companion, every decision matters.