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From 700 DKK per session

Whether you desire basic obedience, puppy manners or behavioural modification, we will meet with you to teach you how to build a better life with your dog. Between each session, we will also be available to provide guidance for how to get ready for the next one. Private sessions are a great option for owners who want to be involved in the process, and are committed to consistent training.

These hour long private session begin in your home where we will tackle common issues such as window/door barking, greeting guests, destructive behaviour, feeding time, and following owners room to room.

We will then address excitement at the front door, leash reactivity and socialisation during a short neighbourhood walk, and return home to the post-walk management strategies.

Ready to live in harmony with your dog? Let's work together.

We are 100% invested in your success as long as you are. We know that the real shift happens at home between you and your dog, not us and your dog. If you’re ready to prioritize your happiness, let's make a way out of "no way" and dive into this transformation together!

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