Puppy & Dog Training

Whether you desire basic obedience, puppy manners or behavioural modification, we will meet with you to teach you how to build a better life with your dog. Between each session, we will also be available to provide guidance for how to get ready for the next one. Private sessions are a great option for owners who want to be involved in the process, and are committed to consistent training.

Common things we work on during private sessions:

  • Basic obedience. Sit, down, come when called/recall, and loose leash walking.

  • Advanced obedience. All of the above, but to a higher degree. This is common for people who would also like to take their dog to pet-friendly stores, out to lunch, or around the town with their family.

  • Reactivity. Does your dog bark at people or other dogs? Do they lunge on the leash?

  • Puppy training! Get a head start on raising a great canine citizen. Potty training, socialization, chewing on inappropriate items, house manners, and all basic obedience can be covered.

From 500 Kr. per hour (inc. VAT)


We use classical and operant conditioning in all our training. 



We use marker training in the form of positive reinforcement to teach our puppies and dogs new commands as well as counter conditioning.



We only provide freshly cooked or raw meat for our training sessions. If you have any requests, please let us know.