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The Puppy Consultation Service

When choosing a companion, every decision matters.


This service is perfect for those who are thinking of bringing a canine companion into their family and are looking for support. We will begin by getting to know you and your lifestyle with the end goal of deciding, which breed is right for you. These meetings will be done in person, to determine preferences in temperament, activity level and purpose. We will evaluate your preferences and provide a detailed report of recommended breeds for you (including detailed reasons) as well as the best licensed breeders.


After we have chosen a breed and breeder, we will help you pick the puppy in the litter that is most compatible with you!


Once your puppy does arrive home, we can preemptively deter undesirable behaviours like mouthing, barking, house accidents, jumping up on guests, etc. We will ensure that your home is puppy proof, provide enriching activities and training plans in order to start you both off on the right paw.


Essentially, we will provide you with a mentor throughout your new and exciting journey. We will be there for you, before and after you receive your four legged family member.

From 1700kr (inc. VAT)

[Prices vary according to needs]

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