This is the Puppy Guide workbook that I give to my new clients. I created it with the intention of giving owners a spot to refer back to for inspiration and information. I hope you find it helpful, wherever you are in your journey!


Chapter 1 Week 1: Rules

Chapter 2 The Golden Rule

Chapter 3 Introducing them to the home, family members and new people

Chapter 4 The Pack

Chapter 5 Crate training

Chapter 6 The three zen zones, rewarding calmness & achieving balance

Chapter 7 Building a structured routine & the importance of boundaries

Chapter 8 Feeding routine, hand feeding & high value treats

Chapter 9 Marker training

Chapter 10 Command checklist

Chapter 11 How & when to discipline

Chapter 12 How to prevent barking inside the home

Chapter 13 Outdoor walks, AODN & Neutrality

Chapter 14 Introducing him/her to other dogs

Chapter 15 Fulfilling the breeds purpose

Chapter 16 My Shopping List

Puppy Guide

  • This is a digital e-book. You will be able to download it upon completion of your order.

  • This digital e-book will be updated every 4-6 months, with extra information that is beneficial for dogs of all ages. The newest versions will be sent to previous buyers of the e-book.