Our Philosophy

Alix & the Pack is about helping dogs and humans live happier, healthier and stronger lives together.


All dog training is comprised of two things. First, the science.

The science will be the same for every single dog trainer, regardless of the things they specialise in. In the field of behavioural psychology, operant and classical conditioning* form the backbone of all training and learning. This is indisputable. Interestingly, dogs and humans learn the exact same way.

Whether a trainer likes it or not, the science applies every day. We use positive reinforcement to teach a puppy/ dog what to do and we use negative reinforcement to teach your puppy /dog what not to do. You can stop an unwanted behaviour but if you don't address the state of mind that caused the unwanted behaviour then you and your dog will continue to struggle.

*learn more in the Puppy Guide

Second, the method. This is what separates us from other dog trainers.

What makes a good trainer is knowing how to utilise their knowledge and experience for dog psychology to create a well balanced canine.


Our method involves a personalised programme in which we begin with teaching commands specific to you and your dog's unique needs. Equipped with your new skills and vital techniques, you will be ready to take on new, diverse environments including the bustling Copenhagen city.

We will transfer our knowledge to you and in doing so, train you to be a confident and loving pack leader.

Finally, what do we believe?

The reality is, it is difficult to condense all our dog training philosophy into one idea. All dogs are individuals, and thus all need a specialised approach. This is why everything Alix & the Pack does is tailored to you and your dog specifically.

Alix & the Pack is a big advocate for balanced training methods. Exercise, discipline, affection - this order is the foundational principles of our philosophy in creating a well balanced dog.

Most of all, we want to build training that will last a lifetime. We train you to become your dog’s best trainer.