Here at Alix & the Pack, we offer a service for every dog. But how do you know which one is right for you? Browse the list to read more about our group classes.

55°41'57.3"N 12°34'17.7"E
coordinates for the group class


Puppy Socialisation Class

150 DKK per class

In the Puppy Socialisation class, we focus on healthy play amongst puppies, basic commands & building up drive and engagement. This is also the time to have all your puppy related questions answered by Alix who not only has knowledge in dog behaviour but certified in Canine Nutrigenomics (canine health at cellular level).


Magic Fundamentals Level 1 & 2

210 DKK for MF 1 / 250 DKK for MF 2

Magic Fundamentals Level 1 is for dogs that are five months and older. We are a group of up to 17 dogs and we focus on handler engagement, play based training, loose leash walking and perfecting communication in the form of markers.


Magic Fundamentals Level 2 is for Pack members that have successfully completed Magic Fundamentals Level 1.


In Level 2, we'll be shaping your dog to be the perfect city companion, capable of working in high distraction environments. Together in an intimate group of (maximum) 5 dogs, we'll be exploring busy city areas like Nyhavn, Strøget and shopping centres like Magasin.


So, if you've ever wanted to be that dog owner on a casual city stroll with their pup in perfect heel and focus, Magic Fundamentals Level 2 is the class for you!


Reactivity Class

175 DKK per class

Having a reactive dog can be an all consuming lifestyle and we want to change that. With only 6 spots at each Reactivity Class, you can ensure a lot of individual attention at a low price. 175 DKK for an hour of training as well as ensuring you feel empowered, encouraged and inspired.